With Children around the World

2017-2018 I travelled around the World with my daughter Anna. In 10 months we visited 14 countries, took 22 flights, many boats, trains, buses and even made some distances by hitchhiking. Anna is my daughter and an excellent traveler. She is the most curious person I have ever met. It is a pleasure to watch her enthusiasm at discovering this world.

Now we BOTH (Anna helps me so much!) are producing a travel documentary about this incredible trip. We will show you how we made it possible, places we discovered and how our daily life looked like. Not every day of our journey was easy and careless– there were difficult times. Anna never complained. She ate what was served on the table, played with things that were at her hand, made friends with children around the world whose language she could not understand… and she did it happily! Both of us have grown up a lot in this travel.

Yes, a trip with children around the world it can be challenging sometimes... please do not mix up with a long time vacation, it is something completely different!

We met stunning people and got inspired by their stories, we made experiences we will never forget! We fulfilled some of our dreams!

Video - https://www.facebook.com/RUSdocumentary/videos/1124793770995161/

Pictures and more about - https://travel-films.com/en/partners/spanish-immersion-school-oaxaca/

  • We were swimming with sea turtles in the Caribbean Sea!

Video https://www.facebook.com/RUSdocumentary/videos/1135675699906968/

Pictures https://travel-films.com/en/partners/green-wave-raglan-surf-school/

  • We were parasailing over beautiful New Zealand!

Pictures https://travel-films.com/en/partners/bay-of-islands-parasail/

  • We danced in front of Sydney Opera House!

    • We swam with dolphins in New Zealand!

Pictures https://travel-films.com/en/partners/dolphin-seafaris/

  • We worked on our mother - daughter relationship!

  • We explored and expanded our boundaries, left our comfort zone to create new horizons...

    This trip was the most intensive time in our life! I am happy to have all our route on video! I will be able to share our experiences with others in our travel documentary and to inspire them to go out there and to see our amazing World!

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